Flathead Catfish

Flathead Catfish
For anyone who loves to fish for Flatheads. Share tips and storys about flattys!!
  • March 26

  • sarteberry I have fished for channel catfish in the past but now I would like to start fishing for flatheads. Any advice on how to catch / fish for them would be appreciated. I fish the Jim river in South Dakota and also the Missouri river. thanks again
    about 4 months ago
    • Bart GNight fishing is the best time to catch flatheads with live bait. I like bluegill 4-6 in long on heavy line and 5/0 or larger hooks.
      Fish around rocks in 5-15 ft of water, they move up and down. Ask the bait shops where you are going to fish what the fish are doing. I hope this helps you.
      7:28 PM March 26
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  • December 05

  • dbarnett1 Howdy Allan. Hope your fishing is goin Great. I under about an inch of ice and 2 inces of snow. Brrrrrr. Come on spring.
    about 8 months ago
    • bass or bass?We're just getting our first winter weather today. 50's during the day, low 30's overnight. It feels wonderful after baking for 7 months!
      6:46 PM December 06
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  • jmonroe4 heading out for some flathead night fishing goodluck all
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  • September 10

  • sberning Went fishing at a pond in Mauston, WI on Saturday and caught nothing. pond life this summer is BAD. the guy said that a few days ago he went out and there where like 200 fish floating. How do you still catch catfish in this situation?
    about 2 years ago
    • thefisherman1the pond you fishing turnover all the fish are dead sorry for the luck. it s the oxgen gone
      3:57 PM October 17
    • thefisherman1turned over
      3:58 PM October 17
  • September 02

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