Custom Rod Building

Feb 28

Rods are the most important piece of fishing equipment we have, if you ask me. Rod building sparked my interest about five years ago when I needed a beach shark rod. I couldn’t find one that was heavy enough, long enough and had the reel seat low enough for me to reach. I now have the perfect rod, but it definitely isn’t something I can buy from the store.

Don’t let this confuse you either; I haven’t actually built any rods alone. My husband builds my rods and is the one who started this journey for me. Now five years later we have a room dedicated to rod building. I wanted to discus this; because most people don’t know the benefits of rod building, or they are unsure of where to even begin.

Most rods—not all—are in high demand and the more they’re needed the faster they’re built. The faster they’re built the higher risk of an error occurring. Whether the guides aren’t set properly on the spine, the blank itself has a flaw, the guides aren’t set at the correct distance, inexpensive components—the list goes on.

I don’t have time to deal with flaws while I’m fishing, especially when it comes to my rods—they are literally the backbone to efforts. They allow us to present baits properly while allowing us to take that step back and set the hook into their face.

If all you’re after is performance, then custom rod building is very simple. My rods perform better than anything I could purchase from a store –for many reasons. I only throw MHX—in both fresh- and saltwater.

When I’m holding a rod all day I want to have the lightest, most comfortable feel possible. The least amount of epoxy and flex coat you have in areas that aren’t necessary along with the least amount of thread and ‘flash’. I use titanium and micro guides; having 12-13 guides on a rod isn’t very common at your local retailer either.

In a nutshell custom rod building is just that. You’re customizing the rod to fit your style and performance needs. I understand this isn’t always feasible, but frankly I will always have my rods built, especially since the quality and performance is priceless.

If you would like more information on rod building please visit and upcoming rod building classes

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# eskobear
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 7:15 AM
Great article - I have built my own fly rods for stream fishing King salmon (personal best of 33+ pounds) so I am aware of the benifits of tying your own rods. A good way to start is to begin with a ice fishing rod, they are short so the number of eyes to align are few. They also have all the components of a full sized rod.
# gstaves
Sunday, March 16, 2014 3:27 PM
I have made several rods for my own use and it gives you something to do during the winter months when the snowing and blowing keeps you from doing anything else. It is fun and time consuming so you are not bored ans sit in front of the idiot box. It is also educational in that like the article said everything has to be in its place to work properly.

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