The NAFC staff has carefully chosen 10 finalists for the December Outstanding Catch Awards contest. Now it's up to you! Vote for the catch you feel is the most outstanding, considering not only the fish's size, but also the body of water, geographic location and method used. Review the finalists below and consider their photos, and then cast your vote below. Also, one random voter will be selected to win a prize, so please submit your name and e-mail address below when you vote for your favorite outstanding catch. Enter your own photo for the next Outstanding Catch contest, and see past winners.


Allen Young

Allen Young, Mt. Carmel, IL, 8 ½ -pound largemouth, caught in Lake Barrett.

James Simpkins
James Simpkins, Fargo, ND, 30-pound channel catfish, Red River.


Jesse Ewing

Jesse Ewing, 26-inch spotted seatrout, caught in Chesapeake, VA on a curly tail jig.

 David Nugent

David Nugent, Johnson City, NY, 48 ¼ -inch musky, caught on the Chenango River while casting a ¾-ounce jig and minnow. 

Eugene Borne

Eugene Borne, Woodland Hills, CA,  7 ⅜-pound largemouth, caught in a private lake, drop shotting a roboworm.

Dennis Musgraves

Dennis Musgraves, North Pole, AK, 11-pound 35-inch burbot (eelpout), caught in an unnamed lake in Salcha, AK while fishing for lake trout.

Jeffrey Shell

Jeffrey Shell, Lakeview, AR, 33 ½ -inch 18 -pound brown trout, caught in the Bull Shoals White River State park.

Graceann Spurgeon

Graceann Spurgeon (stepdaughter of Jerry Coyle) of Harrisville, WI with her first ever fish, a 15-inch 2-pound largemouth caught in Millpond. 

Nathaniel Fox

Nathaniel Fox, Ely, MN, 31 ½ -inch 14 ½ -pound northern pike, caught on the Vermillion River with a tip-up and a live sucker minnow.

Brent Phillips

Brent Phillips, Middleville, MI, 23-inch 7-pound largemouth, caught in Algonquin Lake.



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